Spring Bank Holiday Pop-Up Seedling Stalls

Grow Community – Sopwell’s annual pop-up seedling stalls are here again this Bank Holiday weekend, May 26-29.

Fruit and veggie seedlings will be available for you to pick up and #HaveAGrow with.

Help yourself to what you need and consider leaving some for others.

Use the map (click here) to find your nearest stall or why not host one yourself?

Simply pop any spare fruit or veggie plants in a box outside your house with a sign, and let the neighbours know!

Let’s #GetGrowing and #GrowTogether

Online donations welcome but not essential.

Here’s what you might find in our boxes.

Herbs & Salads

Basil (green / purple)

Chives – Mild onion flavour. Harvest leaves from spring to autumn. Comes back every year.

Dill – Feathery leaves, which have a mild aniseed-like flavour, similar to fennel. Good for pollinators.

Korean Liquorice Mint (Agastache rugosa) – Not a mint! Use as a herb or a really tasty tea. Flavour between mint and basil and a bit of aniseed. Has a place in your beds and borders. Gorgeous flowers and bees love it!

Parsley – Nutritious tasty leaves through summer and autumn. Use in salads, sauces and to garnish. Comes back the year after and sets seed that you can save.

SorrelBelleville‘ – Easy to grow. Lemon-flavoured leaves great to add to salads or use in soups and sauces. Comes back every year.


Brussels sprouts ‘Evesham Special’ – Classic winter vegetable, providing fresh, nutritious harvests in even the coldest weather. Needs protection from garden wildlife.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli –  Produces repeated harvests of tasty purple or white florets for up to two months., in winter/early spring. Needs protection from garden wildlife.

Legumes (Peas & Beans)

Runner beans ‘Emergo’- – Ideal for beginners. Need support to climb. Protect young plants from slugs and snails.

Climbing French Beans – Ideal for beginners. Need support to climb. Protect young plants from slugs and snails.

Dwarf French Beans– Ideal for beginners. Protect young plants from slugs and snails.

Borlotti beans – grown for drying, to eat the beans later in soups and stews etc. Grow as for climbing French beans.

Broad Beans ‘ The Sutton’ – Easy. Early harvests. Also known as fava beans

Peas – Easy and delicious crop.


Leeks – Delicious, sweet onion flavour. Easy to grow.

Spring onion – Fast-growing. Great for salads.

Squash and Others

Butternut squash ‘Harrier’ and various other – Need plenty of space. Good for winter storage.

Chilli ‘Cottonmill’ – Grows well in pots. Spicy! Original plant donated to us from someone from the local Bengali community. We save seeds and have named it ‘Cottonmill’ until we identify it’s true name!

Cucumber ‘Bush Champion’

TomatoHouse‘- Dwarf tomato plant that has been bred for growing in pots on a windowsill. Grown from saved seeds.

TomatoTumbling Tom‘ – Cherry tomato, suitable for containers.


Strawberry – Various varieties.

Flowers (Herbal, wildlife-friendly or companion plants)

Chamomile (German) – Great for herbal teas.

Cornflower – Cornflowers are easy to grow wild flowers.

Marigold (calendula) – Easy-to-grow, with edible petals.

Comfrey ‘Bocking 14’ – Soak the leaves in water for a few weeks to make an excellent (but stink!) plant feed. The flowers are great for pollinators. This variety does not self-seed.

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