The stall is stocked with loads of new seedlings now, including beans, tomatoes, chillies, French marigolds, basil and strawberries.


SorrelBelleville‘ – Easy to grow. Lemon-flavoured leaves great to add to salads or use in soups and sauces. Perennial – comes back every year.

Purple Sprouting Broccoli –  Produces repeated harvests of tasty purple or white florets for up to two months., in winter/early spring. Needs protection from garden wildlife.

Kale ‘Red Ursa’: Pretty, frilled variety. Particularly good for winter and spring harvests. Leaves dry well for later use.

Cornflower: Wildflower, great for pollinators.

Comfrey ‘Bocking 14’: Wonderful for pollinators. Deep rooted, pulls up minerals most other plants can’t reach. Leaves concentrate these nutrients and makes a great fertiliser for fruiting plants. Doesn’t self-seed, so non-invasive.

Basil: Needs warmth and sunshine. Best indoors or in a greenhouse.

Tomato ‘Tumbling Tom‘ – Pot-luck, lots of varieties donated from the Grow Community

Chilli ‘Cottonmill‘: Spicy! This variety was given to us by someone from the Bengali community. We don’t know the variety, so we call it ‘Cottonmill’. Easy to save seed.

French Marigold: Colourful and easy to grow great. A great companion plant for tomatoes.

Squashes coming soon!

Indoor Only

‘House’ Tomato: Specially bred to grow happily on a windowsill. Does not like being outside, even in a greenhouse!

Seed box

Still plenty of seeds in our seed box for you to #haveagrow with.

Our Stall

Our stall is located at 71 Leyland Avenue

Please walk or cycle if you can.

If you do need to come by car, please respect our neighbours when parking up and please turn off your engine. Thank you!

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