New UK Food Strategy is not solving Food Security

The government’s new Food Strategy is out today. It has not been well received.

Here’s some soundbites from Sustain
“This isn’t a strategy, it’s a feeble to do list, that may or may not get ticked.’
“Worrying absence of supporting a shift to shorter, fairer and more resilient food supply chains.”
“In the face of multiple crises in the cost of living, rocketing obesity, climate change and nature loss, the government food strategy looks shamefully weak. Government was given crystal clear analysis and a set of recommendations by the Dimbleby food strategy, and has chosen to take forward only a handful of them.”

If you want to explore local food security in more detail, sign up on Eventbrite to join Kate and others at this special event in St Albans to discuss what we can do TOGETHER locally in the face of climate disruption and related issues.

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