Wildflower Meadow @Martyr Close

Girl building bug hotel
Image credit: Lee Wood

Grow Community – Sopwell are planning to turn this patch of grass into a wildflower meadow, all thanks to Trustee Sonya who saw its potential! Our first working party in February 2023 saw local residents mow and sow wildflower seeds, create one of two planned bug hotels and arrange two pallet benches for visitors to sit on. The aim is to turn it into a great space for wildlife and a great teaching resource for local schools and youth organisations.

Grassy area next to road with trees at the far end

It may just look like grass now, but in a few years we are hoping for an area teeming with native flower species, insects and hopefully small mammals such as hedgehogs.

If you are interested in helping out here, keep an eye out for future working parties at the site by looking at our website or Facebook pages, signing up to our email updates or contacting us via our contact page.

Collage of images of person using a hand mower, building a bug hotel from pallets, and a robin